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Workshops for Educators



Mindfulness in the Classroom: Practical Strategies for Teachers

Tailored to teachers, this workshop provides a multitude of practical and easy- to-implement strategies for teachers who wish to bring mindfulness into their classroom.   Participants will learn specific strategies for each part of the day including: the morning arrival, nutrition break, health and phys.ed, social studies, literacy (read-alouds, story-telling, creative writing, autobiography, journaling), history, geography, earth education, drama, visual arts, social emotional learning, attention, relaxation, inner life, knowledge of self as a learner, and the classroom environment.

De-Escalating Distressed Youth

Working with youth who struggle with trauma, disengagement, and emotional dysregulation is a challenging position.  This workshop offers professional level training and hands-on practice in research proven strategies used to communicate, support, and respond to students in a way that encourages them to perceive you as safe. Learn several options for restoring balance, including:  a simple but highly effective communication strategy that teachers and guidance counsellors can use at school, as well as nervous system hacks to get the body out of fight or flight and back into rest and digest, enabling students to return to learning and engaging in practical classroom assignments.  Leave this workshop with an expanded awareness, increased knowledge, and practical tools.