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Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, or feel like you’re already exhausted before you’ve even started the day? Maybe all is well, but there is just a nagging sense that something isn’t right.  Are you looking for clarity and ease, perhaps courage and optimism? Or is it freedom from your past that you’re after? You’ve come to the right place.

Meet Stephanie

As a life-long learner, educator, and counsellor, Stephanie’s search for knowledge and wisdom is continuous. Utilizing a philosophy that is comprehensive, intuitive, and grounded in research, Stephanie weaves together a unique combination of skills and treatment approaches to get the root of the issue and restore a sense of balance.



Your counselling sessions are not only for you to receive support, empathy, and increased awareness.  They are also to clear your emotional charge, release what binds you, come more fully into the present, achieve insights, and restore your sense of balance and well-being.  With this new found freedom, you may discover what is truly possible.


Mindfulness Workshops

With a Master of Teaching and a Bachelor of Psychology, Stephanie loves to teach and guide, and she knows what works.  Whether you are at your wits end with your busy brain, not present in your relationships, experiencing challenges with your mental health, or simply want to sink more deeply into truth of your own being, these workshops are for you.


Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) 5 Day Training

This training covers both theory and application; the nature of trauma, and more importantly, effective techniques for resolution. TIR is a one-on-one, highly structured, yet person-centered approach to resolving the emotional charge contained in traumas and eliminating their negative aftereffects in a brief amount of time.


Workshops for Educators

Teachers are not trained to be mental health professionals. However, many teachers struggle to support students with an ever growing increase in mental health challenges.  Recent data shows that  62% of Ontario youth report ever having had concerns about their level of anxiety, and a staggering 70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence (https://cmho.org/facts-figures/#_edn4).  Interventions must be grounded in a solid understanding of the true underlying causes in order to be effective.


Community Experience

A Windsor native, Stephanie spent many years working and studying in different places around the globe, in an effort to gain both academic knowledge and research, as well holistic and alternative solutions.  Armed with depth knowledge and vast experience, Stephanie is passionate about Windsor Essex and provides professional training throughout the community for school boards, the University of Windsor, The City of Windsor Children’s Services, as well as community classes that are open to the public.


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