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Mindfulness Workshops



I am currently taking a sabbatical from teaching, to focus on learning. 

If you’re looking for recommendations for a teacher, I suggest Loch Kelly and the Effortless Mindfulness Institute.  His teachings are relevant, whether you’ve done a ton of mindfulness already, or are brand new.  Lock is very unique and innovative, offering what he calls “glimpse” practices.  Short, easy exercises that he guides you through, which bring you directly to the felt sense and knowing, of pure awareness. https://lochkelly.org/

If you’d like to join the interested list anyway, please scroll to the bottom to click, and you’ll be notified if the classes are being offered again.  Thanks.

Level 1: Meditation and Life Strategies

Develop a meditation practice and learn multiple strategies to apply to the challenges of everyday life: stress, anxiety, relationships, and your busy brain. Learn interpersonal effectiveness, how to flow with the ups and downs of life, and how to handle overwhelming emotions and distressed states of mind. Begin to truly understand yourself. Inner peace, clarity of mind, and emotional stability are our growing edges…come and cultivate yours!  This course is packed with real and applicable techniques and tools. No fluff. No filler.

“A truly life changing experience!” M. Boutros
“Transformational classes!” Sandra B.
“This course was everything I’d hoped it would be and more! I’m reaping the benefits daily.” Kristy Davis
“Stephanie makes mindfulness so accessible to many people, while remaining true to the principles. Not easy to do! “C”

Online via Zoom Healthcare.

Level 2: Self Mastery

Deepen your knowledge of, and ability to manage, “self” in this hands-on course. Topics explored: the ego, projection, mirroring, visualization, unconscious beliefs, family of origin, entrainment, heart focus, co-dependence, challenges in relationships, energy protection, self-hypnosis, and fear.  Pre-requisite is Level 1 with attendance in at least 6/8 classes.

Level 3: Consciousness

Explore the levels of human consciousness as described by the ancient texts as well as by modern authors and sages. Study the fluctuations of the mind and learn practical strategies to quiet them. Grow your consciousness and evolve.    Pre-requisite is Level 1 and Level 2 (with at least 6/8 attendance in both courses).